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Reconditioned Alfa Romeo Engines For Sale


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Reconditioned Alfa Romeo Engines
Vehicle Overview


Alfa Romeo


101,000 units (2012)


Piedimonte San Germano,Turin,Modena
Body and chassis


Luxury Vehicles



Body style

4-door saloon,5-door estate,5-door Hatchback,2-door coupe, roadster


Società Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID)
Alfa Romeo D2 Engine Alfa Romeo 110 Engine Alfa Romeo 115 Engine Alfa Romeo 121 Engine Alfa Romeo 125 Engine Alfa Romeo 126 Engine Alfa Romeo 128 Engine Alfa Romeo 135 Engine Alfa Romeo Lynx Engine Alfa Romeo Mercurius Engine Alfa Romeo RA.1000 Engine Alfa Romeo RA-1050 Engine Alfa Romeo R.C.10 Engine Alfa Romeo R.C.34 Engine Alfa Romeo R.C.35 Engine Alfa Romeo AR.318 Engine

The engine is the heartbeat of your vehicle, and typically the most expensive part of it. In terms of quality, replacing an engine with a brand new one is the best option but most customers are put off by their expensive price tags, while a used engine is a more cost effective alternative but with a question mark over their internal quality. A reconditioned engine on the other hand, offers the perfect alternative.

Reconditioned Engines for Sale:

So what exactly is a reconditioned engine? A reconditioned engine is one that has been dismantled, assessed for wear and tear and then rebuilt once more with worn and non-functioning parts replaced with brand new components. The level of reconditioning work on an engine will vary from one to the next depending on each units requirements, but the overall aim of this process is to bring the engine closer to its original manufacturing standard. An important thing to remember is that a reconditioned engine is only as good as the quality of the parts used in the rebuilding process and the level of skill and work of the rebuilder.

Here at MKL Motors we have developed a great deal of experiencing in the engine reconditioning industry and with a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers at our disposal we have become extremely proficient at the engine reconditioning process. As well as offering our reconditioned engines, we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services to simplify the client experience.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team to discuss your needs further.